“To achieve IPCC-aligned carbon reduction goals automotive greenhouse gas emissions need to be halved by 2030. Mass market commercialization of green technologies is perhaps our largest challenge. To succeed we need to be clever about minimizing consumer cost.”

Charles Mendler, Founder of ENVERA LLC

Our business model is to collaborate with automotive companies and tier-one suppliers on federally funded R&D projects. We usually are the team builder and prime contractor. Teaming partners retain the intellectual property they develop under the project.

Charles’s first engine award was with Jaguar Cars, and his second award was from the Clinton-Gore Administration for an 80 mpg hybrid electric car engine. With his teaming partners, he has designed and built many prototype engines since then. These engines have been tested at US National Laboratories and at Tier 1 automotive supplier facilities. He is a recognized expert in the field and has testified before the US Congress, Committee on Science and Technology, the National Research Council and the California Air Resources Board.